yalode - kayak

Bivouacs & Bootcamp in Guadeloupe

Location: 100% Immersion in the forest and tropical rivers
Globetrotters and citizens of the world (30-40 years)

Goals :
- Regenerate in a bath of original nature
- Meditate, "become one" with the Guadeloupe forest
- Boost your creativity thanks to the sensory elements of nature

A subtle mix of neuroscience and ancestral wisdom: optimization of potential, meditation, yoga, storytelling wisdom ...
Nature activities: Bivouac hammock, sensory trail, free rope canyoneering (Possibility of weekend in sea kayaking on the big sea cul de sac depending on the weather)
Yalodé provided: Energy diet (dried fruit ...) + specific canyon, bivouac equipment + team
You must bring: Two liters of water, long-sleeved t-shirt, swimsuit, shoes, vegetable toothpaste and a story to share

canoë kayak guadeloupe